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It's time for a party, it doesn't matter if you weren't formerly invited or even wanted to go, you're here anyway. Along with everyone else who's been dragged into it regardless of willingness.

Not the best state for a party of all things, but it's not a bad room. Plenty of places to sit and plenty to eat regardless of dietary requirements.

A couple of cheerful banners read: 'Don't forget, you're here forever!' in large friendly (not to mention sparkly) letters above tables full of cakes and other goodies. Not all of them are safe of course, but who's to know that without trying one first.

ooc: Effects are completely random, there's no rhyme, reason or pattern to what's affected. plenty of the food isn't even affected at all, but amongst the ones that are it's a bit of a russian roulette. The effect list is merely a suggestion and may be entirely diregarded or added to wildly at your own discretion. Current suggest effects are:
All truth
All Lies
Additional Animal bits or Species change
Sex swap
A secret will spontaneously appear written somewhere on your character
Loss of volume control
Obligatory aphro
Age change
 Uncontrollable singing

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For mod stuff regarding [community profile] paoputree contact the mod post here.

For things directly concerning my mod work specifically or events posted by this journal or [personal profile] heartlessinquisition then you are in the right place.

As far as I know IP logging is off and anon is on.


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